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About Wellness Solutions

Our Story and Mission

At Wellness Solutions, we are committed to utilizing functional medicine to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. As a board-certified chiropractic physician with a specialty in sports and functional medicine and experience in life/wellness coaching, I was inspired to start Wellness Solutions so I could do more for my patients. I have seen many people suffering from chronic health issues that go beyond musculoskeletal pain. These patients are often stressed out, frustrated, and scared; and I am determined to help them get to the root cause of their illness. At Wellness Solutions, we use the most innovative, research-based testing and personalized wellness plans to get to the root cause of your illness, so we can create sustainable solutions for you to achieve a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.


Of individuals that have autoimmune diseases will eventually develop additional autoimmune diseases


Women are 4x likely to develop autoimmune


Of deaths are attributable to inflammation-related diseases


Of cancer has their roots in the environment and lifestyle


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